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We teamed up with TinkerTaylor and Director Sam Taylor to film a unique challenge undertaken by six amputee ex-servicemen and women.

Programme Description:
A team of six amputee men and women undertook a unique challenge in November 2012 to drive a specially adapted car through all 42 traditional English mainland Shire counties in a single 24 hour period. Following their journey, we learn about the personal stories of each of the drivers and what motivated them to take part and rebuild their lives following traumatic amputation through military service in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan or in civilian accidents and illness. Throughout the programme they each talk frankly about their experiences post trauma, the immediate aftermath and affect and then the longer struggle to come to terms with a life changing event and their future prospects and aspirations. They range in age from 20 to 50.

Programme Impact:
This isn’t about a programme about challenge that is extreme or beyond the bounds of all but the elite, this is about everyday people working together to take on a challenge and help those in a similar position to move on with their lives.

It highlights the work of organisations that support disabled serving and ex-military people and civilians throughout their lives, not just in the immediate aftermath of injury. Public focus tends to be on the more recently injured military personnel, but there are thousands of people injured in the past 70 years who struggle to live with amputation and complications associated with trauma resulting from their time in the military or in civilian accidents in addition to the usual problems of life and growing older.

Number of episodes: 1
Episode Length: 30 minutes

Genre: Documentary
Topic: Disability

Programme Status: Completed
Compliance: Pre-Watershed